Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sarah's 18 months old

My little baby girl turned 18 months old a few weeks ago and I can hardly believe it. She has grown-up so fast before my eyes. I am constantly amazed at what she is learning and the new things she is able to do everyday. The list keeps getting longer and longer of her accomplishments.
We went to the doctor a few days ago and were still amazed at her stats. She is one solid kid. Pretty soon she will give Alex a run for his money.
Weight: 27 pounds ( 75-90%)
Height: 33 3/4 inches (90-97%)
Head size: 48 1/2 cm (90-97%)

Here are some things that I want to remember about Sarah at this age:

  • She loves to read books and will bring you a book to read her.
  • If you are sitting on the floor, she will back herself up to you and sit down on your legs.
  • She calls Dad- Daddy, Mom- Bobby or Mommy, Alex- Adix, Sarah- Sada
  • She will call after Alex and run to play with him at the park.
  • Sarah is a climber and is often found on top of the kitchen table.
  • She loves to be rocked with at night and loves her blankie that Aunt Karen made for her when she was a baby.
  • She is constantly on the go and loves to RUN
  • She gets excited about doing a little job for you.
  • She wants to do everything that Alex wants/can do.
  • She is a cuddle bug and LOVES her Daddy!


Barbi by the Sea said...

I set here at the computer with tears streaming down my face and giving thanks for the blessing of having my wonderful family. I love all the pictures and the sweet memories they bring to me as I remember the joy and happiness as I relive those special moments.
Thank you, thank you. I love you all so much.

4Girls4Me said...

Oh my gosh, she's SO cute!! How can she possibly look that big when I just saw her a few weeks ago?? I love, love, love the 2nd picture. She's adorable and we're so happy to have been able to see her twice this year already! Can't wait 'til the next time! :) Love you guys!!

Mary Karlee said...

She is a beauty! Congrats on baby number three and mini-van bliss. Here is a video you might like.