Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Us Almost

I just wanted to write a little something about my best friend in the whole world, my husband. It is amazing and I consider it a miracle that you can meet someone and go from complete stranger to best friend and most cherished companion. We are going to celebrate our 6 year anniversary on Sunday. I can't believe all of the many things that we have done in that short time frame. I love being married to my best friend, so in honor of that I am going to do an anniversary post that took from Eric's cousin's blog. Thanks Mindi for the idea.

1. What date is your anniversary?
June 22

2.Where did you get married?
Jordan River Temple

3. Who proposed and how?
Eric, He took me to the Houston Temple and we went for a walk around the temple grounds and then he stopped by a fountain that is on the side of the temple and we sat on a bench and talked for a while. I kind of knew what was happening, but I was soaking in every minute. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. We had been to my parents house a week before and asked my dad and mom's permission. We had been ring shopping a few weeks earlier, but I didn't know that he had already gotten the ring.

4. How long were you engaged?
About 2 1/2 months

5. What was the favorite part of your wedding day? (besides who you were marrying, hopefully)
All of it. It was fantastic to be in the temple with so many family and friends. So many people sacrificed to be there.

6. What would you change if you could?
I don't think that I would change anything it was so perfect for us.

7.Wedding colors?
My colors were a periwinkle and soft yellow, but we didn't have matching outfits for everyone.

8.Do you remember anything special from your ceremony? Any good advice? A comical moment?
The sealer was a member of Eric's ward when he was younger. We were able to meet about a few months before we were married. He was wonderful and gave us a packet of quotes, talks, and a framed message about how to strengthen your marriage.
I guess Eric and I were a kissing a lot during our pictures because our photographer said, "You guys are sure the kissingest couple I've seen."

9.Were you clean or messy when you cut your wedding cake?
Clean, sort of, some of it dropped down the front of my dress and I had to step out of the reception to retrieve it in private.

10.Where did you go on your honeymoon?
Our first night we stayed at the Hines Mansion in the "Paradise" Room. Then we left the next day and went on a trip to explore New England. It was so much fun. We loved it.

11.How long have you been married now?
On Sunday it will be 6 years.

Happy Anniversary Sweetheart, I love you!