Thursday, April 16, 2009

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Family Easter Pictures 2009

Here are some of the pictures that we took on Easter. It was so nice to have a family picture with the four of us together. We even managed to get some pictures with Grandma and Papa Jung.

Easter Weekend with Grandma and Papa

My parents came down to visit for Easter weekend. It was my mom's birthday on Good Friday and they were so kind to come and spend the holiday with us. We had a great time. We made homemade strawberry freezer jam, had an Easter egg hunt with some great friends, enjoyed a family photo session and just plain enjoyed being together.
I will let some of the photos do the talking.
Here is Alex with Grandma making freezer jam.

Saturday morning, Eric was still gone to Youth Conference, so Grandma, Papa, the kiddos and I went to our friend's house to have an Easter egg hunt and morning brunch. The food was fabulous! While we were eating, the husbands went outside and "hid" Easter eggs for the kids to find. Well it was interesting to see the different styles of finding the eggs. We had two extremes... content to pick one egg up at a time and sample the goodies in that one egg and then slowly move to gather up another egg and sample the goods. Then we have the other extreme... divide and conquer. Eating the spoils at the very end. Getting the most in the least amount of time. Alex happened to be the model for the first example, and most of the other kiddos were of the latter example. Let's just say there had to be some Easter Egg redistribution in the end. ;0)

Even Sarah and Brielle had their pictures taken. It was a bit bright out, so these are the best we got. Can you believe that they are only about 2 weeks apart, and Sarah is the oldest. Crazy how fast they grow!

Here are some snapshots of Grandma and Papa enjoying their grandkids.

Question: What happens when Jordy LaForge and Luke Skywalker cross paths?

You get this! One swashbuckling kiddo wielding a headband for a visor saving the day with a hairbrush! :0) Way to go my little Superhero!

Bluebonnet Pictures 2009

I decided to take the kids and try and take their pictures in the bluebonnet beds in a local park not far from our house. I managed to get a few pictures. Maybe next year I can capture their attention for a little bit longer. I love this time of year in Texas. Enjoy!!!

Sick of Being Sick and Beautiful Roses

A few weeks ago we (Alex,Sarah,and I)got sick and it was bad. I haven't been this sick since last year, so I guess I was long overdue. Alex started first with a cough then it turned into a bad cold. We kept him home from church, and knew that he wasn't feeling well when he fell asleep eating a snack at the table.
Right after coming home from church I was the next victim,next followed by Sarah. For about a week we never left the house. I think everyone was ready to get out and see something different than the inside of our home. Everyone was on the mend and I noticed that Sarah was wheezing when she was breathing, so I took her into the after hours clinic on a Saturday. Sure enough, she was getting an ear infection and then they checked her oxygen intake levels and her highest reading was at the very lowest acceptable reading. She got a breathing treatment there in the office, and then a prescription to continue them at home. Thankfully, some of our very dear friends, Matt and Trisha, had a nebulizer(sp?) and let us borrow it. She got breathing treatments for the next few days.
As a consolation prize, Eric was sad about how crummy I was feeling and got me some very beautiful red roses to cheer me up. Too bad I had a head cold, and I couldn't smell how fragrant they were until it was almost too late. Everyday he would ask if I could smell them. My usual reply was" I can almost smell them."

I am so thankful that we are now all well again. It was no fun being sick. I am so glad that Eric didn't get it because he probably would have been sick right when youth conference was going on.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Love-Hate Relationships

I have a certain love-hate relationship that I can't describe as anything else but that. What could it be? Friends,husband, children, pets??? Once in a while, I might say yes. But today this relationship exists because of my dealings with Poison Control. You know the Mr.Yuck stickers with the unpleasant face and all.
Well, We have had to call them once before when Alex got into some Tilex. Not fun. It makes you feel like a bad mom. Angry at yourself, scared for them, and wondering why you spend money on toys for your kids if the things that they find to play with are not toys.
While I was putting Sarah down for a nap, I heard Alex getting into colored pencils and markers (it has happened before). I thought I will hurry up and put her down and then go clean up the mess with him after. I find the markers and pencils, no Alex, so I keep searching. There he is chewing on a bottle of Fray Check. He had managed to get into my sewing box. The cap is off and he is chewing on the bottle. I quickly read the bottle for instructions and head for the phone.
I called the number and am blessed to see that it looks like he didn't ingest very much if any. I am told to give him something sweet to drink,because it has alcohol in it. If I noticed him being abnormally unstable or disoriented then to call back. He seems fine after a little while.
I can't describe the feelings that you feel when you are going through this. I am so grateful for a place that I can call and get more information, but at the same time I hate that I have to call in the first place. Hopefully this relationship will end very quickly. I am not up for more repeat experiences.