Thursday, October 14, 2010

Life with Three

It has been an adjustment period here at our house lately. I wouldn't say that anything was back to "normal" yet.
Alex and Sarah have done so well with welcoming baby Levi into our family. Alex is always so helpful with bringing me diapers, wipes,and giving love and kisses to Levi. He is so affectionate with him and is always requesting to hold him. Levi is sure adored by his big brother.
Sarah is very affectionate toward Levi in a slightly different way. She is very good at finding all of his pacifiers and trying to stick them into his mouth. There is a slight problem with that though, because she likes to put them into her mouth before giving them back to him. She is getting very good at identifying body parts and likes to poke, I mean point, them out on Levi.

One funny story about Alex and Levi when we first brought Levi home from the hospital. I was changing Levi's diaper one day and Alex was watching me. He saw Levi's umbilical cord that hadn't fallen off yet, and was curious. He asked a few questions about it and told me I needed to take him back to the Dr. and have them take it off. I didn't think much more about it until Alex dismantled Eric's nail kit and brought down all of the instruments to try and take off the umbilical cord. Thank goodness it came off a few days later.

Eric and I are doing well, but I did pick up a nice case of bronchitis the day that Eric's parents left to go back home. I have been nice enough to share with Eric and now he has a cold too. Life goes on and we are all getting used to having Levi in our family.

Levi is a very good-natured baby and is very laid-back except when he has his diaper changed. We are getting adjusted to life with three around here. I can't believe that Levi is 4 weeks old today! Here are some pictures from the past 4 weeks.

I will have to publish more pictures in the next few days of his first visit with Grandma and Papa Stewart and Grandma Jung. Meanwhile, enjoy these teaser pictures.