Thursday, April 21, 2011


Here are a few pictures of Levi. Taken around 6 months old.

He had his 6 month appointment a little late and was 28 inches long (90th %) and 19 lbs. (75th %). He is a big boy and really enjoys being doted on by his big brother and sister. He is very vocal and can say mama. He is the first one of our children to say that. The other two said dada first. I love his bright blue eyes and he gets compliments on them all the time while we are out. He has four teeth now and is starting to enjoy eating table foods. He decided that he preferred a bottle to nursing and weaned himself a few months ago. He sits up by himself and loves the attention that is is given by all of his family. He is by far the most vocal of the kids. He will squeal and loves to get and give kisses. He is very affectionate and is a social bug. His smiles melt my heart and I love him so much. He is such a blessing from Heavenly Father.

The Trampoline

A few months ago we got a trampoline for the kids to enjoy the *few* weeks of nice weather that we have here in Texas. ;0) My friend Meggan got one at the same time for her daughter's upcoming birthday. We were so excited to get it that she talked me into setting it up right after we got it home. We read the weight on the box and decided that we could do it together. Well the weight that we read on the box was in kg not pounds. But with a few trips to and from the car we managed to get it into the backyard.

Where were the 5 kids you ask? They were helping us and eating some Happy Meals that we got on the way home from the store. It was *fun* setting up the trampoline and the kids were so excited to have it done that they jumped for 2 hours after it was done. Meggan and I learned some tricks for putting it together, so that when the next trampoline is ready for assembly, we can share them with our husbands for a small price.

BIg Sister, Big Brother

With Alex in preschool during the morning, Sarah gets to have some one- on-one time with Levi Lou (his nickname from the family). She will play with him and feed him his bottle. She just dotes on him and is very concerned with him when he is crying. I love your caring and gentle nature.

And not to be outshined, Alex is a fantastic big brother. he is very good to play with and entertain Levi during the "witching hour " of the day ( between 4pm and when Daddy returns from work). He will sing to him, give him love, and try and play with him while I am fixing dinner. Yesterday he played with him for 30 minutes while I was getting dinner ready. What a fantastic big brother you are Alex. I am amazed by you everyday.

Sarah's First Haircut

I know that this is a few months old, but I guess better late than never. Eric had been wanting me to cut Sarah's hair to give her bangs because she was constantly pushing it out of her face. He said he counted her doing it something like 25 times in a minute. So with two really wanting them, I took Sarah and got a bang trim and now she doesn't have to worry as much about keeping them out of her eyes. Here are a few pictures of her "new" old do.