Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Please Mom, I need your help....

This actually came out of my sweet little boy's mouth this morning. He was talking to me and this is how our conversation went.
Alex: Please Mom, I need your help.
Me: What do you need help with, Alex?
Alex: I want to kill you.
Me: What? You want to kill me?
Alex: Yes.
Me: (light bulb going on in my mind) Oh, like David and Goliath?
Alex: (getting really excited and with a huge grin on his face) Yeah!!!
Me: OK. Now I understand.

Last night for Family Home Evening, we were role playing the scripture story of David and Goliath complete with swords, helmets, and paper balls for stones. Wow did that story get Alex and Sarah excited. They both had the opportunity to pretend to be David and slay Goliath (played by Dad). I love that they are remembering and wanting to learn about the scripture stories. That was a fun conversation that I want to remember and record.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Our Little Tie-Breaker

What do you do when the score is even? Eventually you have to break it. Well, so far in the Stewart household it has been an even score: Boys-2 and Girls-2. That will all change in September. The new score will be Boys-3 and Girls-2!
We are excited to have a new little boy join our family in the fall! His due date is Sept. 24th. We can't update with a picture now, but will do that when we return from visiting our family. So welcome back trucks, planes, and all-things-blue. I know that Alex will be a great big brother and Sarah will be a wonderful big sister. We look forward to your arrival in a few months.