Sunday, January 16, 2011

Levi is Four Months Old

Levi turned 4 months old today. He is so fun to be around. He gets very excited and his eyes get big in anticipation of what will happen next. He is doing better at sleeping more at night. He wakes up usually once about 2 in the morning and nurses then goes back to sleep. Sometimes he wakes up about 5 am, nurses and then goes back to sleep until about 7:30.
He still doesn't like taking baths, or having his diaper changed. He is a very social baby and will cry if it is dinner time and is sitting in his swing. He wants Eric or me to hold him while we are eating so that he can be at the table with the rest of the family.
I started feeding Levi some rice cereal because he was waking up more frequently at night. Having him start that has helped him sleep better at night.
He has big beautiful blue eyes that are very expressive like Alex's were, but he has more of Sarah's coloring. We go into the Dr in a few weeks for his checkup, so we will see how he is growing more then.
*** Updated ***
I took Levi into the doctor and here are his stats
He was:

  • Weight 15 1/2 lbs- 50th %
  • Length- 90th %
  • Head size- 90th %

Answers to Prayers

Just yesterday I was sitting and talking to Eric and he looked at me and said, "Where is your diamond?"
I looked down at my engagement ring and was staring at it in disbelief. The center stone broke off and was missing. We began to search everywhere for the missing diamond. We searched and searched for it, trying to think if I had banged it somewhere on something. We could not find it.
That night we were saying our family prayers and I asked Alex to say a prayer that we would find the diamond. He included it in his prayer, and I really was lacking faith. I thought that it was impossible for us to find. I thought that the only way for us to get the ring back the way it was before was to buy a new stone.
I have to admit that I had been short with the kids and not very pleasant to be around. We were getting ready for church and Levi had been crying and so I picked him up ready to nurse him, but after a few minutes he was content and so I went to set him down on his playmat. I looked down and there was my diamond. I could not believe it. It was as if someone was forcing my eyes to look at a certain spot. There it was laying right there.
The miracle happened and a prayer was answered. I do have a testimony that prayers are answered and that the Lord is in the details of our lives. He didn't have to answer my prayers to find the diamond, but he did because he knew that it was important to me. We stopped right them and offered a prayer of gratitude to Heavenly Father for answering our prayers. I learned a valuable lesson that day, to never think that nothing is impossible with the Lord's help. It was truly a lesson that I needed to learn and a powerful one that taught Alex (and me) that Heavenly Father does hear and answer prayers.

Locks for Love

I have been growing my hair out for a very long time and about a month ago I got it cut really short and am sending my ponytail to locks. So that someone else can use it. I must admit, I love having short hair again and I don't know if I will be having long hair anytime relatively soon. The ponytail was about 12 inches that was chopped off. I love not having my hair up in a bun or ponytail everyday. Here are the before and after pictures. It was just cut and not styled yet. I don't have any pictures of that right now, but hopefully in the next few posts you can see the new do with it being styled "my way". In the past few weeks I have gotten lots of compliments about it.