Sunday, December 5, 2010

Celebrating Dad's Big Day

I know that I am so far behind blogging about events that have happened in our family this year, but here is my initial attempt at recording our life in a small way.
This year for Eric's birthday we celebrated as a family and had a day date. Eric has every other Friday off and it makes it nice to be able to spend it as a family. This year his birthday fell on a Friday and we took advantage of it.
We tried a new restaurant called Cheddars and liked it. We also went mini-golfing and had a great time. Alex especially loved dropping his golf ball in the hole and watching it come out the other side. There was one hole that he REALLY ENJOYED! It was a hole that had a stream of water that you sent your golf ball down and it directed it straight to the hole. Alex thought that it made a better water slide than its intended use. He thoroughly enjoyed sitting,running, and laying in the water. Sarah, our sweet girl was content to follow her big brother around and just do what he did. It was a great day to spend some time as a family. I sometimes feel like we don't really enjoy and live in the moments enough. I really should take a lesson from my children and savor each moment more.