Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Alex gets his own Breakfast

I wanted to write this story down before I forgot to include it on the blog. Over Thanksgiving break we had some friends visiting and they brought some sweet snacks to munch on while we played games. Alex loved eating them and the next morning there were only 3 treats left. While I was feeding Sarah the next morning, Alex decided to get his own breakfast. He is one smart little boy and kind of sneaky. Here is a little video of what Alex did that morning.

Holiday Recap

I just wanted to get some pictures of our little Alex and Christmas morning/afternoon. Eric's parents were visiting from Colorado Springs for Christmas and Sarah's baby blessing on the Sunday after Christmas. It was so much fun to have them come and get to stay for so long. It will surely be difficult to see them leave. I have completely enjoyed having them around and sharing in these memories for our family.
Since Alex still is not really aware of Christmas time activities, there was no real rush to open presents early in the morning. We think that he really enjoyed getting new toys to play with. As you can see from the pictures he was completely focused on the new toys and I don't think that we heard a peep from him for over an hour. Grandma and Papa Stewart bought him a kitchen and his Aunt Heidi got him some play food to go along with it. His Aunt Karen got him a fire truck, fireman helmet, and some file folder activities to play with during church. Here is a little bit of a glimpse into our house on Christmas morning.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Here's for my Family in Colorado

It's snowing here in Houston!!!! You know that you are jealous ;o)

Pictures for family

I have had multiple requests for pictures of our newest one. She is still tiny, but is doing well. She is more awake during the day. I am slowly learning that having two under the age of two is making getting things done a whole lot harder. It seems that once I get something done, it is undone in the next 5 minutes. We are still alive and kicking here, just trying to take it easy yet getting ready for family to come for the holidays. Here are some pictures of Sarah for you Heidi.