Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sarah and Naps

Sarah is kind of fickle with her nap time. Why should she want to take a nap because she is afraid that she will miss something important that big brother is doing. He doesn't take a nap so why should she? Because this will happen....
In the afternoon when it supposed to be nap time sometimes it is too quiet I stumble onto a scene like this. A girl with so much to do and no time to rest. Recently she has gotten better at going down for a nap and that make for a much more pleasant evening for everyone.

The Look

Alex has this funny look that I think is hysterical. I get a bellyache from laughing at this look that I chance to see every now and then. He is one expressive kiddo. I get a chuckle from him each day. Here is the LOOK:
You see what I mean? Did I catch you laughing at it too?

All About Me and Preschool

Alexander has been going to a preschool at a local high school since October and loves it! He has been getting more and more self-control. He is learning so much and his favorite thing besides snack is doing science experiments.
Each week one child has the opportunity to create and present a poster about themselves and their favorite activities. As parents you are invited and encouraged to come and visit them during the day. It was Alex's week to present his All about Me poster and it was fun to see him at school and what his day is like while he is away from me. He still has a difficult time speaking and looking at people when he is talking especially if he is retelling a story. It was fun none the less to see him having fun and learning. I can't believe that he is growing up so fast and is leaving the little boy stage all too soon for my taste. Here are some pictures from his preschool day.