Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Stickers, Stickers are Everywhere

Our son LOVES stickers. He even grabs the magnets off the fridge and puts them on his arm thinking that they will stick to his body. Little does he know that he is not made of metal. The other day Grandma and Grandpa sent a Halloween card to him with stickers in it. What a huge hit it was. We had stickers coming out of our ears. They were on tables, cat water dishes, the carpet and of course they were used as body art. He was even nice enough to share some with me. Here is the evidence. Do you see the concentration that is associated with this type of artwork?

Trunk or Treat '08

We missed our ward's Trunk or Treat last year but made it to the festivities this year. Alex, who wouldn't wear anything on his head last year did really well this year by sporting a Spiderman hat. I found some Spidy slippers at a consignment sale and then borrowed my friend Trisha's Spiderman costume. The video of Alex tells you what he was really interested in doing the entire time of the party. He is so full of energy, but it is so much fun to watch and be around. He finally started getting the idea of Trick or Treat as we were finishing up. I will have to post and take some better pictures of him in his costume on Halloween. He is just so dang cute and adorable.

Oil Ranch Fun

I haven't updated the blog in a few weeks and so much has been going on around here. On the 20th we went with a playgroup to the Oil Ranch. I have taken Alex before and he loved it. I was beautiful weather and he had such a great time doing it. He is so stinkin' active and would run from place to place if I had let him. He got to explore chicken water in the petting zoo, ride tricycles, sit on tractors, swing in a swing, ride a horse, and play in a hay bale maze. It was a lot of fun for an almost two year old and a lot of walking for a pregnant momma. Here are a few pictures of Alex and his adventure for this year.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Free Zoo Day that wasn't so Free...

It all started last week when our friend Ginger called and asked if we wanted to go to the Oil Ranch here in Houston. A group of friends was getting together so that we could have a group discount. Well a series of events played out and she called this morning to let us know that there weren't enough people to get the group rate. Disappointed about not going to the Oil Ranch I called up my friend Meggan who was also planning on going to the Oil Ranch with her daughter Eden and we decided to go to the zoo instead. Perfect!!! We had a morning of minor detours because her husband's car wouldn't start so we had to jump his car and take it to Walmart to check and see if it was the battery. Thank goodness it was. Next detour was the library to drop off Meggan's library books that were due that day. Now we were on our way... We got down to the zoo and found that there was no parking to be found... The zoo was having a free day because of Columbus Day. We found some parking and made our way to the gates. Yea, it's free. We got in and we saw the meerkats, and the giraffes. Alex loved the giraffes. They had tiny,(or not so tiny) babies. Alex loved them and was smiling at them the whole time. Next to the elephants, more babies to see. Well you get the picture. We were at the speckled bears exhibit and I had taken Alex out of his stroller to see the bears better. He was wearing shoes that were a tad bit to big for him and he kicked his feet against the fence and off one of them tumbled into the exhibit. I couldn't believe it. New shoes and one of them is now a bear's chew toy. We looked down and there was a bear and it was sniffing Alex's shoe. I didn't bring my camera so I will have to get the pictures form Meggan. We asked at guest relations if they could get the shoe back and they were going to check on it and try and get it out before it did a number on a bear's digestive tract. So instead of paying to get in the zoo we are paying to buy new shoes. We will keep you posted on the free zoo day that wasn't so free. So when you go to the zoo, remember to Please don't feed the bears.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Picture Tag

I guess that I am cheating a bit on this tag... I am supposed to go to the picture folder in the computer and then go to the 4th folder and then the 4th picture and post it... But since they are on Eric's desktop, I am just going to use the pictures that I just downloaded from the camera to my side and use the 4th picture from it.
Here goes... This is what you get when you leave your toddler eating breakfast and check something really quickly on the computer in the other room...
One Big Mess to Clean

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Collections, Collections, and more Collections

Here is a repeated scene that occurs almost daily at our house. It seems that Alex has a burning desire to collect similar objects and place them on the nearest table. He loves to gather them up and then sometimes puts them back where he found them with a little prompting from the adults in the house. I don't know if he gets it from my side of the family, or Eric's... Here are a few videos and pictures of Alex and his daily gatherings...