Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stamps (aka Stickers)

Really what is the difference between stamps and stickers to a 2 year old little boy who loves to peel them off and stick them all over his hand?

This is the description of what I saw yesterday. I was on the phone and look up to see Alex walking out of the den with his arm covered with stamps. He found the stamps in the box of office supplies that we keep on the desk. He covered his arm with the stamps. He came over to me to show me his artwork and said a very typical "Daydoo, Mamma". I managed to salvage some of his artwork.

I asked him where he was going to mail himself to with all those stamps on his arm. Knowing Alex and understanding his love of the park, I wasn't a bit shocked when he simply replied, "I go a swings." Silly Alex. You don't have to mail yourself there, we'll go later.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The House that Eric, Erika, Alex and Sarah Built

This year we started a new tradition at our home of making a gingerbread house and then decorating it as a family. Our friend Nicole taught me how to make the gingerbread and let me borrow her pattern that she does with her family.

It was a long process, but it was so much fun to decorate as a family. It is a three day event where you make the dough the first day, roll, bake, and cut it the second day and then assemble it the third day.

Everyone got in on the decorating, well eating too. It was nice to have no plan for the design and then it just started to have a life of its own. Here are some of the pictures to show the process. Alex was all about adding sprinkles and was very good at unwrapping the mini Santa Claus candies. We almost didn't save the last Santa from being eaten. Sarah was just content to sit in her high chair and let Alex hand her candy to eat. It was a fun time to be together and to do something as a family.

But as all good things come to an end so do our kids patience as witnessed below. Sarah was ready for bed and Alex wanted to take a shower. I guess all of the creativity really drained them.

Alex Graduates

Last week Alex had his graduation from ECI (Early Childhood Intervention). They are a government service that provide help and assistance to children from birth to age three. Since Alex turns three before his next visit, he was up for his graduation.

He was first tested for a speech and language delay last year a month before Sarah was born. At 22 months he said and signed approximately 10 words. Now he is speaking in sentences and can tell us what he wants and is feeling. He has had a language explosion. With the help of ECI and his speech and language pathologist, Beverly Carroll, he has just taken off and we couldn't be more excited to now understand what some of his needs and wants are. They have come once a month for the past year and have shown us how we can incorporate ideas into normal routines or play in order to get the most of the language experience. It has truly been an amazing blessing in our life to have Beverly come to help with Alex. The knowledge that I gained by working with Alex will help for all our children and any future children that we have. Here are a few pictures from Alex's "graduation".

Tunnels and Towers

Alex loves to play with his blocks and is really excited to build two things, tunnels and towers. Ever since going to Virginia to visit my sister's family he had been so excited and fascinated with tunnels. We had to pass through one on our way to and from the airport. It made quite the impression on Alex because he loves to see trains go through tunnels and identifies them for us in books. Living in Houston there isn't much tunnel action going on in this city where flooding is somewhat a common event, but we do the best we can. Our "tunnels" are comprised of underpasses. Maybe he will get a tunnel for Christmas or his birthday. Here is a snapshot of Alex doing what he does best playing and having fun. We love our sweet little boy.

Extra Hands???

Have you ever run out of hands and still have need of extra hands to hold things? Sarah is very ingenious and had come up with a solution for her problem. If she has something that she wants to hang on to and wants the use of her hands then we often see this.

She will also crawl around the floor or up the stairs with one of Alex's cars in her mouth. It is so funny to watch because Alex never did that.

Snow in Houston

On December 4th it snowed in Houston. It was the second year in a row to snow. Last year's snow storm was more impressive in our area than this year's. Although I did hear that there was more snow in other parts of Houston than where we lived. Even though there wasn't any to play in, we took Alex outside and bundled him up so that he could experience what little snow we had. I think he was most excited about being outside and running around. See for yourself.

Friday, December 11, 2009

We have famous relatives... well, almost

Alex and Sarah have famous relatives. Well almost. Both of their Papa's have famous look-a-likes.
I am assuming that you know who Papa Jung looks like...

Papa Stewart's famous look-a-like might be a little more difficult to recognize.
But Alex had no problems recognizing Papa Stewart's "twin" while watching the Frist Presidency's Christmas Devotional. Does that give you any clue?

It was so cute to hear Alex say "That's Papa Stewart." It was the sweetest thing ever. What great shoes his two Papa's fill. We love all of our famous relatives.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A gift for Heidi