Sunday, August 24, 2008

That's one Hot Chili Pepper Uncle Mike

A while back I took Alex to the Children's Museum downtown and he had a blast playing with all of the fake food. He especially loved the chili peppers. He spent probably 2o minutes putting the plastic chili peppers and onions in and out of shopping bags. I guess what we need for a Christmas present for Alex is some fake food he can take in and out of baskets. I just love the expression on his face in this picture. It looks like he just bit into one. This picture's for you Uncle Mike, from one chili pepper lover to another.

Friday, August 22, 2008

IT'Z Fun to Read

We took the reading challenge and completed the Summer Reading Program at the library and as an added bonus, we got a coupon for a buffet and 50 point game card to IT'Z pizza. We had never gone there before and it was a new experience for Alex. It was like a glorified Chuck E. Cheese. It was fun because we got the point card that we could redeem playing games and winning tickets. Alex was excited about going on the rides and we spent a majority of our playing time in the toddler area where he got to ride a lot of mechanical airplanes, cars, horses, etc. He did super even though it was past his nap time. Here are some fun pictures from our little mid-day outing. Can I just say that it is so nice to have a great hubby who gets every other Friday off to spend with his family.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Time with Family

Everyone else who's reading, my dad started growing out his beard almost a year ago when he went in the hospital almost a year ago. He had some complications and stayed for longer than he had hoped. While he was there he didn't have a safety razor, so he started growing out his beard. Now he loves the fact that he doesn't have to shave every other day. I posted these pictures so that my niece and nephew wouldn't be so shocked when they saw my parents in a few weeks. Alex flipped out the first time that he saw my dad after he has started growing out his beard. Hey Little Sis these pictures are for you. I hope that you enjoy your time with Mom and Dad in a few weeks. We had a great time here visiting Mom and Dad. I still think that you should plan on taking a few pictures with Dad and put on Christmas atire so that you have your Christmas newsletter done early this year.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Who Says Teething Tablets are Just for Teeth?

Well last week Alex had a really hard time sleeping through the night. I tried numerous things to get him to go back down. Every time he was asleep I would lay him down peacefully, and then boom he was back awake. I don't know if his bedtime routine was disrupted, if he was teething, or just lonely. But at 3:30 am (after having listened to him for 1 1/2 hours) I really didn't care how I got him to sleep, I just wanted to have peace and quiet for him and for me. It was pitch dark and so I reached for my trusted Hyland's teething tablets which usually work like a charm. Popped a few of them into my hand and felt around for his mouth. I found some place to put them and he seemed to get quiet. Yes! Victory, silence! It must have worked because I didn't hear him make a peep the rest of the night and I fell asleep after being so exhausted. The next morning I went to go get Alex out of the crib and was changing his diaper. I noticed that something powdery was lodged in his right nostril. What could it be? My trusted Hyland's teething tablet was the culprit. I guess they can be used in the nose and in the mouth to aid in restless nights due to teething or sleep-deprived pregnant mothers. So go ahead and reach for Hyland's teething tablets the next time you need some peace and quiet.