Saturday, January 23, 2010

Alex reads a book.

I caught Alex reading one of his favorite books, Go Dog, Go! the other day and tried to get it on video, but he stopped once he saw me getting out the camera. I did tell Eric about it when he got home and I convinced Alex to read me the story. Eric was able to be sneaky and start filming him while he was reading. It was fun to see him retell the story to me. I love how he is growing up and learning all the time. This was a great mommy moment for me. We love you Alex and hope that you continue to have a great love for reading and books. The video is a little long, but well worth it.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kiss my Butt

Well that is not really what Alex said to me, but in so many words that is what he wanted me to do at lunch today. Here's the story.
Alex was standing up in his chair at lunch today(something he knows that he is not supposed to be doing) and sort of did a cannon ball onto the chair and landed on his butt. Whenever he gets hurt he always wants me to "tiss it" for him to make it all better. I guess mama kisses are the cure all at this age. I say something to him about hurting his bottom and he gets out of the chair and comes over to me. Turns around and says, "Tiss it Mama". Well, I love you Alex, but I am not going to kiss your bottom.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Alex turned 3

On January 3rd Alex turned tree. He is really into tunnels and trains and so for his cake this year I thought that I would try and attempt to do some sort of tunnel cake. I searched for ideas and had to come up with my own. It turned out really cute for my first attempt. We had a few close friends over to help celebrate ( Peltiers, Nelsons, and Baxters). Per Alex's request, no candles this year. He did have fun opening presents and eating cake and ice cream. He enjoyed the time that he got spend with his friends and playing with the play-doh, train round house, puzzles, train game, and Lightening McQueen toy cars. He did get a little scared of his Lightening McQueen car that races automatically when you shake it because it went off while he was unwrapping it. It has taken a few days and now he will very quickly shake it and then put it down and run away. He triumphantly says, "Yea! I did it!"

Those were the few pictures that we got. I will have to see if the Nelson family was able to get any better ones.
Happy Birthday Our Little Man!!!! You sure make life full of happiness and joy. Thanks for making us parents. We love you more than words can tell.

Christmas 2009

I know that it is a little late in recapping the Holiday season, but I need to include it for closure to the end of another fantastic year with my little family. This year Alex was getting into the Christmas season and was very enthusiastic about having a "Dismass" tree in our living room. I love celebrating the season that commemorates the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ and being able to teach it to my children made it all the more special. It was especially tender when we had family home evenings about the nativity and for him to be completely swept away with the music and spirit of the season. He would request "Dismass tree music" aka the section on Mr. Kruger's Christmas with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing 4-5 times a week. He loved it an was excited to point out baby Jesus where ever he could.
We spent Christmas Eve, Christmas and a few days after Christmas with my parents up in Killeen. Because we were there we even got to experience a "White Christmas" Eve. It snowed most of the day and was really windy there. It didn't sick to much until about 4 pm. I bundled up the kids and borrowed some winter gear from my parents and we went outside to see what winter fun we could create.

Christmas Eve we left cookies out for Santa, read the Christmas story and acted it out with the hand-painted nativity that my mom made when we were young. Finally the kids were tucked in bed and sound asleep. The next morning the kids got up later and then we watched Joy to the World and talked about the true meaning of Christmas and what gift we were all given at Christmas. Our Savior, Jesus Christ. After that we opened stockings and then presents. We were all spoiled by our family and friends.

It was then a relaxing day and a nice dinner later that night.

When we came home we got a "second" round at opening Christmas presents. The kids had a great time and it was fun to see them enjoy playing with all of the new toys that they got.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this Christmas magical and special. We are wishing you all the spirit of joy, peace and happiness that can be felt on the earth at Christmas time to continue through the entire New Year.