Monday, March 15, 2010

It's Never to Early to Celebrate Christmas

Alex surprised me today and created a Christmas tree out of blocks. I was sitting there and he just created this wonderful surprise for me. It was very creative. What a smart boy I have. He showed it to me and said "Look, Mama a Christmas tree. I need lights, a star and ornaments." So what better way to spend a morning, decorating a Christmas tree with your 3 year old. Here are the before and after pictures. Alex, I love your excitement and love of the most wonderful holiday season. Merry Christmas anytime of year!


Elena Lunt said...

Oh, how sweet

4Girls4Me said...

Oh my gosh - how cute!! :) He is so creative and adorable! (Just don't let my other sister-in-law see this, she will be forced to include you in her Reign of Terror regarding the Christmas rules...) I wish we could see you guys sooner, but hope it's not too long... :) Love You!

Barbi by the Sea said...

He is one very clever and creative little chap. What a sweet and thoughtful activity. I love the expresssion on his face. Love you all so much. I miss you all