Monday, December 10, 2007

Random Thoughts and a very cute picture

It has been a very long time since I have updated the blog and sometimes I don't think that I really have anything to say that is important. My life keeps going on and on mostly it is like a repeat of the previous day. Some days are harder than other and some just fly by so quickly. I often find myself thinking that I have so much to get done, but yet I my to do pile keeps piling higher.
I was talking to Eric the other night and he made the comment that I don't know how to relax and just sit. I must admit that it is very hard for me to do that and take a few minutes for doing nothing but sitting and thinking, napping, or reading. I always feel like I have to be doing something (the laundry, dishes, picking up after Alex or myself, a project, etc.). The other day Eric was off and he literally made me sit down and relax for a few minutes while he cleaned up the kitchen. I must admit that those few minutes were wonderful, so I guess it is okay to relax for a few minutes during the day.
I am trying to get things ready for Christmas and having family in town for the holidays. I enjoy spending time with my family, whether or not it is the family I grew up with or the one I inherited.
Anyway, I have rambled enough now and I guess that I can count this as "me" time today. Here is the cute picture I promised.


123checkoutthefamily said...

Ah, Alex is so cute. Brayden and Alex loved playing together on Saturday. We should totally let them play together more :)

The Watkins said...

very cute picture. I understand about sitting just relaxing. It seems like there is always something to do. I think teaching makes it easy to feel that way because we try not to have that "down time" in the classroom and we have so much to teach. I imagine being a mom is similar... and I know I can always keep busy at home cleaning, cooking, or doing laundry! If you figure it out let me know :)

Girly Momma said...

i love that picture! and isn't it funny how the day goes sometimes. i'll start to think i haven't even sat down at all yet today. it's crazy how we go go go.

MikeandAsh said...

It's funny because life is so crazy, but then isn't it great? Sometimes I look at Lincoln and I think this is the happiest I have ever been. Then sometimes I can't wait for his bedtime when I get some quiet time for myself. It's bitter sweet.

scraphappymama said...

I have the same problem . . . I just can't stop. When I do, then I realize how exhausted I really am, so I am better to just keep doing. However, I do love my down time when I can grab some.

ps the pic is adorable!!

4Girls4Me said...

That really is a super cute picture of your sweet little guy!! I am finally starting to see some of my little brother there! :) Post some pics from his birthday party!! Wish we could have been there!! We love you guys!